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A leased beat gives you the right to create a recording embodying your own performance with the accompaniment of the purchased beat. You do not retain exclusive rights to the instrumental accompaniment.

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About Me

Will never thought he would become a musician/producer until he randomly decided, at 14, to start taking classical piano lessons. After a few years of lessons he got his first MacBook, and from there started creating music on the computer. His intensive background in classical piano and music theory, along with a wide variety of musical influences, contributes to beats and compositions for multiple genres that are original, unique, and modern. Will attended Full Sail University to further his knowledge in music production and after completing an internship at Lava Room in 2017, Will was brought on staff and quickly made himself a go-to songwriter, programmer, and producer.

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Will sets a vibe and atmosphere that is comfortable even if your new to the studio life and experience, he will make it so your at home when you go to the studio. Working with him and lava has transformed me as an artist in ways I would have never imagined. Very fun creative atmosphere but also professional and punctual.

Alex Semmary

Working with Will has been an awesome experience! Wills beats have a very current sound but you can tell from his melodic chord choices that he has substantial music knowledge! I highly recommend Will to any major or up and coming Artist looking for a hit!

Jovan Wilder

I see a bright future for my boy Will, great working with him he’s amazing on the keys many beat makers but real producers that can really play he’s one. Quality and signature sounds. Big Ups Will keep it going bro.


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